PianoDisc introduces SilentDrive HD!

PianoDisc introduces Silent Drive HD
Small chip brings Hi-Res to player systems

July 02, 2010


Increased internal memory retains all settings and improves reliability and compatibility on all control units
-124 levels of expression
-Faster processor
-Streamlined architecture
-Boosted velocity and timing accuracy

PianoDisc has set a mid-July 2010 release for its new Hi-Resolution player technology.  Called SilentDrive HD, it is designed to improve the playback capabilities of its player systems, all of whichcan be added to virtually any make or model of piano, new or previously owned, heirloom instruments, grands or verticals.

The Technology

SilentDrive HD features a faster processor and streamlined architecture that boost both velocity and timing accuracy.  Improved timing means that trills, for example, play back with much more accuracy than was possible before. SilentDrive HD also offers better low-volume performance.  SilentDrive HD’s increased internal memory capacity retains all settings and improves reliability and compatibility regardless of what control unit is used.  The new design features 1024 levels of individual note expression, so SilentDrive HD gives PianoDisc systems the ultimate in playback authenticity.  SilentDrive HD works equally well no matter which type of control unit plays the piano.

In addition to being standard on all new PianoDisc systems, it will be also be available as an upgrade to existing systems.  Customers who upgrade to SilentDrive HD will be eligible for PianoDisc’s Legacy Music Exchange program and additional free music.

An Important Endorsement

Award-winning composer for films and television, Danny Elfman (“Batman”, “Spider Man”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Desperate Housewives”, “The Simpsons”), recently beta tested SilentDrive HD and gave it his endorsement:

“When I purchased a wonderful Bösendorfer grand piano for my new studio, I knew that I wanted to outfit it with the best MIDI playback system I could find, so the piano could be used for both arrangements and recording. The SilentDrive HD system quickly became the top choice and I’ve been very pleased with its performance.”

“The difference SilentDrive HD makes in playback performance must be experienced in person to be appreciated, but it can certainly be compared to the difference between Standard and High Definition television”, says PianoDisc’s executive vice president, Tom Lagomarsino.  “An SD television image looks fine, but HD is a whole new world.”

For more information about SilentDrive HD you can call us at (630) 584-5000 or email info@chicagopianos.com.