The two best words to describe Estonia pianos — SOLD OUT.

Date: 5/11/10

The U.S. demand for Estonia pianos has reached a level that we’ve never seen before in any brand. Even in these challenging economic times when most piano manufacturers have warehouses full of pianos, the highly acclaimed Estonia piano is thriving to unprecedented levels, selling out all over the world. Estonia dealers are hopeful to have just a single unsold Estonia on their floor to show. Most have none. Our store was without a display model for months, but we just received two backordered Estonia pianos (a 5’6″ model 168 and a 6’3″ model 190) — although neither is actually for sale. These pianos must remain on our floor to show because it could be over a year before we ever see an unsold Estonia. The Estonia piano factory is now only allocating units to dealers who produce invoices showing they are sold to retail customers. The current wait time is 2-4 months.

Why is this happening?

Well, it is no secret that Estonia pianos have become the most talked about name in world class grand pianos — and that comes with good reason, which you can read about here. Their value is so unparalleled in the industry that other world class brands are being offered at huge discounts with immediate delivery, only to have consumers still choose Estonia…and wait months for delivery. But that’s really just the beginning of the story. Estonia’s recent elevated status in the piano ratings is actually the first of many recent changes in the market that has fueled the surge in demand.

Looking at the production side, Estonia only makes ~200 pianos a year — for the whole world. Now that the piano ratings show Estonia at least as good as a Steinway (at roughly 30% less cost), the piano world has been buzzing even more. Steinway makes approximately 5000 pianos a year for the whole world. Therein lies part of the supply & demand problem that Estonia faces. Couple that with the fact that Estonia has chosen to open up dealers in China and the problem just got exponentially worse. To make matters worse, Estonia just began production of a 7’4″ model for which there are dozens of orders. Those orders, and any subsequent 7’4″ orders will be at the expense of the production numbers of the other models because Estonia is not increasing production with the introduction of their fourth model.

Are Estonia pianos worth the wait? The piano buying public seems to have answered with a resounding yes. Please feel free to come in and experience the beauty of Estonia pianos for yourself by visiting Cordogan’s Pianoland.

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