The gold rush is over; piano buyers want pianos with nickel hardware.

More and more, we are hearing the same question coming from lots of different customers: “Does piano hardware come in different finish options too, or just gold?” (Or brass, actually.) But what they really want to know, is can they get a piano that matches all the nickel fixtures in their house because nothing has been brass or gold since the early 90s.

Scarface bathroom - nickel blog

As of late, the trend in interior design has undoubtedly leaned toward the nickel, brushed metal, and chrome side of the spectrum. The piano industry, as it turns out, is woefully behind the curve. The vast majority of piano brands simply don’t offer it, and don’t have any plans of ever offering it. Here at Cordogan’s, we carry the two excellent, reputable piano brands that do, in fact, offer such a hardware finish.

The first is Estonia. Estonia Pianos is a top-tier performance-grade piano manufacturer making pianos that are known for their sweet, singing tone quality and tremendous value in the high-end market. Of the approximately 200 grand pianos they produce every year, on account of our persistence, they have customized pianos for us with satin and polished nickel hardware. Here are a couple beautiful examples:

Estonia 190 Nickel 1--web

Estonia 190 - nickel blog

Estonia-190-Hidden-Beauty-bubinga - nickel blog

The second piano brand with nickel hardware options is Knabe. One of the first American piano brands, Knabe Pianos, for over nearly 200 years has maintained a distinguished reputation of quality and richness of sound. They offer nickel hardware on ANY of their pianos, of which there are dozens of models. They even offer it on their uprights. Here is their beautiful 5’4″ baby grand piano in polished ebony with polished nickel hardware.

Knabe WG-54 - nickel blog

Knabe WG-54N - nickel blog

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