The best digital piano deal ever!

We’re not using these words lightly. Roland is closing out a very unique digital piano model. It’s called the VIMA RK500. This is a feature packed digital piano that retails for $8995 and we bought Roland OUT of the product in order to get the pricing so that we can sell it for over 60% off. Availability is very limited.

Roland VIMA RK 500

Roland VIMA RK 500

The RK500 has unique and remarkable features that no other digital piano has. For a demonstration, click on the below YouTube video. Wait till you see these features — NO other digital piano offers all this…

It’s unequivocally the best deal anywhere on a digital piano right now — even moreso if you can benefit from the unique, advanced technology packaged in the RK500. It’s admittedly a little too advanced for the average family user (the target audience for these types of models), which contributed to Roland’s surplus that in turn has created this great deal.

Even if you can’t benefit from all of the features, it’s not like you’re paying for them, so instead of spending the money on similar digital from Roland or another manufacturer that DOESN’T have many features, why not get them for free? 🙂

Please call 773.383.1734 for more information!