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Read the article and view photos of Cordogan’s Pianoland, Illinois’ largest piano store!

Cordogan’s has the largest selection of pre-owned Kawai & Yamaha pianos in Chicagoland and they’re all on sale now!

Cordogan’s has the largest selection of pre-owned Kawai & Yamaha pianos in Chicagoland and they’re all on sale now!

Yamaha C3If you’re looking for a “looks like new, priced like used” Yamaha or Kawai piano, this is the sale for you!

Many of these pianos have CERTIFIED WARRANTIES FROM THE MANUFACTURER!  Others have warranties from Cordogan’s — which should be of equal comfort to consumers since Cordogan’s has been in business longer than both Yamaha and Kawai have been in business in the U.S.!   Eleven Chicagoland piano stores have closed in the past two years, so when buying a used piano, choose your dealer wisely since your warranty relies on the future of your dealer!

All of our used pianos are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to meet the specifications of the Piano Technicians Guild — a protocol that very few dealers anywhere are willing and capable of upholding.  Among other things, this assures you that the piano you buy from Cordogan’s — and the ~10,000 parts therein will perform to the level that the manufacturer originally intended.  Considering that many of the specifications of the moving parts require tolerances of less than 3/1000ths of an inch, this is no small feat!  The whole process can take days of preparation.

Yamaha C7Cordogan’s also has an on-site restoration shop and buffing room that allows us to spin a buffing wheel (like those used on automobiles) to return the polished ebony finishes to their original luster — free of swirl marks, packing material marks…and even scratches.  Strip mall stores can’t perform this type of work!

Between our internal and external restoration processes, along with our unmatched history / reputation in Chicago, Cordogan’s can truly provide a great value with a comfort level that no other dealer can match.  And now with prices being reduced on our used inventory, the value just got even better.

Be sure to view our Buying Tips and FAQ page for other valuable tips on buying a piano!  Please feel free to call co-owner John Cordogan directly at 773.383.1734 with any questions you may have.

Kawai K6Our store hours are posted here. 

If you’re planning on visiting our west-suburban Geneva megastore, please use the directions listed here.  Navigation and online map services do not work with our address. 

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