Rare Used Knight Piano In Inventory

Used Knight Piano in Chicago

What if we all looked this good at 51!?

This Knight piano is not only a fantastic find because they rarely surface in the US, but also because this one appears to have been preserved in a vacuum. Knights were the primary premium piano brand of Great Britain for most of the 20th century and were the only pianos allowed to share the showroom at Steinway Hall in London.

This particular instrument has a unique style and finish that is simply not found in pianos anymore. The all-hardwood case features “butterfly” veneers – a process by which veneers are split and laid out symmetrically, as seen in this image. It’s even more rare for this theme to continue throughout each piece on the piano. It’s truly spectacular workmanship that was a British trademark for centuries.

Beyond that, Knights are beautifully-designed Instruments, with fantastic tone and touch. Despite Cordogan’s seeing thousands of pianos each year, we can still count on one hand how many times we have had a Knight piano in the past 30 years.

If you’re seeking a unique performance piano, we have your Knight in shining walnut.

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Used Knight Piano - Plate


New York Times Article on Deep-Sixing Pianos

Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times about how many used pianos are actually hitting the dumpster these days.  No surprise over here. I’d say that a quarter of the used pianos that people are trying to SELL privately unfortunately belong in a dumpster.  I’d like to add two comments to this article:

1) I don’t think the article did a good job indicating that many used pianos ARE worth restoring and that the used piano industry is exponentially bigger than the new piano industry so buying a restored used piano is definitely a viable option for many piano buyers.

2) Stories like this can easily lead one to believe that if used pianos are getting thrown away, then a functioning one might only cost a few hundred dollars.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Pianos are a lot like cars in the sense that cars often times go to the junkyard and get crushed, but it doesn’t mean that a good used car can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.  Heck, even a good used piano bench often fetches $200-300 at flea markets.  Moving a piano usually costs upwards of $300 and tuning is at least $100.  We’re up to $600 and we haven’t even mentioned a piano yet.  Add that to the countless hours of work that most of these pianos need ($75-100/hr. in-home service rates) plus replacement parts to take on new students and may have yourself a money pit.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re in the piano restoration business and love all that hourly labor work — but we also sell new & used pianos and offer sound advice to people who are wrestling with restoring a piano or buying a different one from us.

New York Times Article on Deep-Sixing Old Pianos

New York Times Article on Deep-Sixing Old Pianos


So long Bohemia pianos — we will miss you.

The Bohemia Piano company is the latest victim in the piano industry of the challenging global economy.  You can read more about the history of Bohemia pianos here.  This blog however, is to inform you that we recently received word from the factory representative that Bohemia pianos will no longer be produced.  This is quite a blow to an already shrinking, yet important segment of the piano industry — the handmade European piano market.

Most piano manufacturers — Bohemia included — made drastic changes in order to survive the recession, with various levels of success.  Some chose to shed inventory, facilities and/or employees…some chose to source materials or production in China…others gave themselves up to the highest bidder.  Even the prestigious Bosendorfer piano company in Vienna was recently sold to Yamaha in an effort to remain stable and continue their legacy.

Bohemia was sold several years ago to the Bechstein piano company — a move that we dealers were excited about since it stood to improve the quality level of the product even more.  And it did.  However, the economic presses and rising costs continued to demand price increases that have recently proven to be much more than the market can bear.

An ultimatum of sorts was recently imposed whereby if the US distributor wasn’t willing to purchase a very large order of Bohemia pianos at the new, higher prices, the brand would unfortunately cease to exist.  This isn’t intended to sound like a strong-arm tactic by Bohemia’s parent company, Bechstein.  It’s simply the cruel reality of what it takes to continue to operate in these times.  Without such a commitment from their US distributor, Bechstein is better off focusing on their remaining lines of pianos.  It is also understandable that Bohemia’s US distributor would be reluctant to place such a large order in these continued uncertain times — especially at new, unprecedented prices — when Bohemia pianos had already been met with much resistance in the market at the older prices.

As a Bohemia piano dealer for over a decade, we have seen the tremendous value of the Bohemia piano line and the important gap that they filled for us.  After the exit of Kemble piano company from London in 2009, Bohemia represented the last bastion of mid-priced, handmade pianos from Europe.  They, like Kemble, were the only companies to offer an interesting, higher-performance alternative to Yamaha and Kawai, without doubling or tripling the price to get to Steinway or other, even more desirable premium European brands.  They also offered unique styling, finishes and veneer options that  Yamaha and Kawai don’t offer.

So in the wake of Bohemia pianos, there will indeed be a void in the industry that won’t likely be filled for quite some time.  At the time of this writing, the only Bohemia pianos that have not completely sold out are the studio models 114 & 121 and the 160 grand model. We have sold out of all other models and they are no longer available.  Bechstein will honor full warranties on any remaining pianos.  If you have any interest in a Bohemia piano, please contact us soon because when they are gone, they.  are.  gone.  😦

Pictured here is a Bohemia 121 Rhapsody in polished walnut that is currently available for sale.  One of the unique features of Bohemia that will be most missed is their careful selection of veneers for their cabinets.  This piano’s walnut veneers have beautiful grain that Bohemia meticulously bookmatched on the sides and on the front panels.  Such detail is rarely taken into consideration in today’s pianos.

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The two best words to describe Estonia pianos — SOLD OUT.

Date: 5/11/10

The U.S. demand for Estonia pianos has reached a level that we’ve never seen before in any brand. Even in these challenging economic times when most piano manufacturers have warehouses full of pianos, the highly acclaimed Estonia piano is thriving to unprecedented levels, selling out all over the world. Estonia dealers are hopeful to have just a single unsold Estonia on their floor to show. Most have none. Our store was without a display model for months, but we just received two backordered Estonia pianos (a 5’6″ model 168 and a 6’3″ model 190) — although neither is actually for sale. These pianos must remain on our floor to show because it could be over a year before we ever see an unsold Estonia. The Estonia piano factory is now only allocating units to dealers who produce invoices showing they are sold to retail customers. The current wait time is 2-4 months.

Why is this happening?

Well, it is no secret that Estonia pianos have become the most talked about name in world class grand pianos — and that comes with good reason, which you can read about here. Their value is so unparalleled in the industry that other world class brands are being offered at huge discounts with immediate delivery, only to have consumers still choose Estonia…and wait months for delivery. But that’s really just the beginning of the story. Estonia’s recent elevated status in the piano ratings is actually the first of many recent changes in the market that has fueled the surge in demand.

Looking at the production side, Estonia only makes ~200 pianos a year — for the whole world. Now that the piano ratings show Estonia at least as good as a Steinway (at roughly 30% less cost), the piano world has been buzzing even more. Steinway makes approximately 5000 pianos a year for the whole world. Therein lies part of the supply & demand problem that Estonia faces. Couple that with the fact that Estonia has chosen to open up dealers in China and the problem just got exponentially worse. To make matters worse, Estonia just began production of a 7’4″ model for which there are dozens of orders. Those orders, and any subsequent 7’4″ orders will be at the expense of the production numbers of the other models because Estonia is not increasing production with the introduction of their fourth model.

Are Estonia pianos worth the wait? The piano buying public seems to have answered with a resounding yes. Please feel free to come in and experience the beauty of Estonia pianos for yourself by visiting Cordogan’s Pianoland.

Email us for more information at info@chicagopianos.com or call Rick @ 630-584-5000 .

Cordogan’s has the largest selection of pre-owned Kawai & Yamaha pianos in Chicagoland and they’re all on sale now!

Cordogan’s has the largest selection of pre-owned Kawai & Yamaha pianos in Chicagoland and they’re all on sale now!

Yamaha C3If you’re looking for a “looks like new, priced like used” Yamaha or Kawai piano, this is the sale for you!

Many of these pianos have CERTIFIED WARRANTIES FROM THE MANUFACTURER!  Others have warranties from Cordogan’s — which should be of equal comfort to consumers since Cordogan’s has been in business longer than both Yamaha and Kawai have been in business in the U.S.!   Eleven Chicagoland piano stores have closed in the past two years, so when buying a used piano, choose your dealer wisely since your warranty relies on the future of your dealer!

All of our used pianos are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to meet the specifications of the Piano Technicians Guild — a protocol that very few dealers anywhere are willing and capable of upholding.  Among other things, this assures you that the piano you buy from Cordogan’s — and the ~10,000 parts therein will perform to the level that the manufacturer originally intended.  Considering that many of the specifications of the moving parts require tolerances of less than 3/1000ths of an inch, this is no small feat!  The whole process can take days of preparation.

Yamaha C7Cordogan’s also has an on-site restoration shop and buffing room that allows us to spin a buffing wheel (like those used on automobiles) to return the polished ebony finishes to their original luster — free of swirl marks, packing material marks…and even scratches.  Strip mall stores can’t perform this type of work!

Between our internal and external restoration processes, along with our unmatched history / reputation in Chicago, Cordogan’s can truly provide a great value with a comfort level that no other dealer can match.  And now with prices being reduced on our used inventory, the value just got even better.

Be sure to view our Buying Tips and FAQ page for other valuable tips on buying a piano!  Please feel free to call co-owner John Cordogan directly at 773.383.1734 with any questions you may have.

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