The Best Studio Piano on the Market?

Digital piano technology, like today’s computer technology, has advanced greatly in just the last few years. Some models are now blurring the lines between acoustic and digital pianos, or the boundary between real and not-real, like never before. In fact, musical institutions like schools and churches (after decades and decades of piano tunings, action regulations, and expensive repair work) are now actually “going digital.” With the added functionality and no need for tuning, digital pianos make sense for a lot of environments.

Here at Cordogan’s, we have first-hand experience with the dozens and dozens of models from all the top manufacturers; and one piano in particular seems to have crossed the boundary altogether. Meet the digital piano that has been winning over educators and teachers everywhere as the replacement for a traditional studio piano:

 HP508 feature web
– SuperNatural piano sample
– PHA-4 Concert key action
– 350 high-quality instrument tones
– Roland Piano Partner iPad app
– USB midi/audio
– Individual note voicing
– Piano Designer function (and iPad app)
– Twin Piano mode

The HP-508 gets at the heart of the experience of playing a traditional piano: Touch and Tone. With Roland’s brand-new “PHA-4 Concert” key action, a digital piano has never felt this good. The piano’s huge dynamic range and innumerable levels of expression allows for creativity without limitations. When you combine this with Roland’s ground-breaking SuperNatural sound core, their Acoustic Projection and Dynamic Harmonic software, and the deluxe speaker setup of the HP-508, magical things do happen. This piano is an incredibly enjoyable instrument to play, hear and experience.

School Studio Pianos
The Roland HP-508 is also more affordable than the new acoustic studio pianos traditionally purchased by schools, churches, and teachers, and it requires zero regular maintenance. The HP-508 includes a matching duet bench and a 5-year factory parts & labor in-home warranty as well.
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Roland launches a series of white digital pianos!

In leaving no digital rock unturned, Roland just announced the availability of three digital piano models in white — a great compliment to an already complete product line. They’re not just white digital pianos, but they’re white done right. Whenever we’ve seen white digital pianos in the past (and there haven’t been many), there has always been sort of a “Awww, if they had only (fill in the blank)” response. Sometimes it was the that the finish wasn’t quite right or they still used the same black buttons / control panel found in the other finishes…or maybe the bench didn’t match. Roland really got it right on these:

The RP301R white

Roland RP301R White Digital Piano from Chicago Pianos . com

Roland RP301R White Digital Piano from Chicago Pianos . com

It’s really an egg shell, which is much nicer than a stark white, and it’s a satin finish — not the high polished finish that the other models have. It’s a great great, unique look and we would love to see more models in this finish (eh hem, Roland!)

The DP90S white

Roland DP90S White Digital Piano from Chicago Pianos . com

Roland DP90S White Digital Piano from Chicago Pianos . com

This is a high polished egg shell finish like that which you might see on a shiny grand piano. It is musically the same as a HP503 only with the slimline design and the PH3 action (currently found in the top-of-the-line HP507 and LX15).

The LX15 white

Roland LX15 White Digital Piano from Chicago Pianos . com

Roland LX15 White Digital Piano from Chicago Pianos . com

This is also a high polished egg shell finish and it is a limited edition finish.

All three models boast having a customer control panel with buttons specifically made for these models.

Nice job Roland!!