An amazing “Starving Artist” grand piano just arrived

It has been years since we have been this excited about a used grand piano in our inventory. We have recently consigned an obscure British-made Danemann 6’4″ grand piano that is a musical gem.

How it got to the U.S. is still unclear, as the Danemann piano brand was never widely distributed in the U.S., and certainly not when this one was made. What we do know is that it’s an amazingly high quality piano that has an incredibly dynamic, singing tone with an action that allows an artist to bring out the unlimited palate of tone colors it is capable of producing. The piano also has a perfect set of original, single-piece ivory keys — an extremely rare, valuable feature. It’s almost impossible that this little known brand created such an incredible instrument without gaining greater notoriety.

So why is it part of Cordogan’s “Starving Artist Series?” Because the ebony finish didn’t weather 50 years as well as the piano, so we’re going to leave the finish as is in order to keep the price down and give it every opportunity to find its way into the hands of another artist.

If you’re looking for a great quality artist grand on a budget, you need to experience this piano. You will think you’re playing a Bosendorfer.

Danemann 6'4

Video coming soon…if it doesn’t sell first.


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