Press Release : Cordogan’s stocks the the DKC-850 enhancement to Disklavier player pianos!

Please call or email us for more information or to place your order!

Cordogan’s Pianoland: 630-584-5000

Attention Disklavier Mark IIXG and Mark III owners — your ship has come in!  Yamaha is now offering the new DKC-850 upgrade control box as an upgrade for many older Disklavier models.  As an additional bonus for ordering your DKC850 from, we are offering free access to our 4000+ song library.

The latest and greatest Yamaha Disklavier model is the E3 and the Yamaha DKC850 offers the look and functionality of the E3 without Disklavier owners having to buy a new Disklavier.  Below is the press release from Yamaha about the announcement of the Disklavier DKC850 control box, followed by our contact information to order your DKC-850!

Until now, many older model Diskavier owners have struggled with a dilemma: forgo the latest technology or purchase an entirely new model, despite the fact that their top-quality Yamaha acoustic piano remains in top condition. The DKC-850 now offers the best of both worlds: owners can retain their treasured instruments and enjoy many of the more recent industry-leading features of the Disklavier E3 Series.

Requiring minimal additional investment, the DKC-850 offers owners the opportunity to outfit older model Disklaviers (Mark IIXG and Mark III) with a wide array of enhanced features found in newer models in the Series, such as Disklavier Radio, Disklavier TV, as well as Video Sync and CD Sync capabilities.

The update also boosts the instrument’s memory capacity exponentially, to an astounding 128 MB of music storage capacity. Offering computer connectivity via both USB and floppy disk drives, DKC-850 also includes enhanced playback and record features, including volume, tempo, transposition and timer playback, along with Video Synchronization, SmartKey playback and PianoSoft Playback.

“This superb product underscores how much Yamaha values all of its Disklavier customers,” says Jim Levesque, Yamaha Disklavier marketing manager. “We’re mindful that the current economy precludes many from buying newer models, so DKC-850 offers a highly cost-effective way to obtain many of the innovations featured in the newer models.”

The DKC-850 update also offers users 676 XG instrument voices and 21 sets of drum voices and metronome function, along with PianoSoft Solo, PianoSoft Plus, PianoSoft Plus Audio, Smart PianoSoft and SmartKey (Cue Time) compatibility.

Enclosed in a unit that weighs less than five pounds, the DKC-850 functions as a replacement control unit for the isklavier. Mark IIXG and Mark III owners simply remove the existing control unit on their pianos and replace it with the sleek, new DKC-850.

Please call or email us for more information or to place your order!

Cordogan’s Pianoland: 630-584-5000

Click here to view YAMAHA’s electronic brochure on the DKC-850 (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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4 responses to “Press Release : Cordogan’s stocks the the DKC-850 enhancement to Disklavier player pianos!

  1. I have a DKC100R disklavier on a C3 Yamaha grand. Obviously I’m not going to buy a new grand. Can I swap in an 850?

    • Hey John, sorry for the late reply! The DKC-850 is indeed an option for you, but it won’t be a direct swap–with your system you can ADD it to your DKC100R with a MIDI connection. Just mount it on the other side, or even just have it sit on the music desk. Though it will have some limits to the functionality: Give us a ring if you have any questions or are interested in ordering, 630-584-5000. You will receive lifetime access to our 5000+ song library!

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