ManorCare of Westmont Welcomes Pianoland donation “with Grace”

WESTMONT, IL – It was a match made in heaven! Grace and Peace Chaplaincy, a Christian team ministering with older adults – and a piano store owner with a huge heart! The chaplaincy team of Rev. Rita Kay Lochner, Glen Ellyn resident and Evangelical Covenant Church minister, and musician Ruth Comfield of Warrenville, bring church to those who cannot go to church. They have been conducting monthly worship services at ManorCare of Westmont for a few years, but the piano in the meeting room was “on its last legs.”

Believing that somewhere there was a good, used piano that needed a new home, Rev. Lochner contacted her alma mater, Wheaton College. There she spoke to Susan Brinkman, assistant to Dr. Tony Payne, Director of the Conservatory of Music. Brinkman was unaware of any immediate piano available but suggested Lochner call John Cordogan, owner of Cordogan’s Pianoland (, who supplies the college with pianos. Much to Rev. Lochner’s surprise and great pleasure, Mr. Cordogan explained that his company has a donor program whereby pianos are given a “second life,” which means that used pianos are paired with nonprofit groups with need.

PHOTO CAPTION: Rev. Rita Kay Lochner and Ruth Comfield of Grace and Peace Chaplaincy at the donated Pianoland piano with Dave Nichols from ManorCare of Westmont.

For a qualifying piano, Cordogan’s Pianoland in Geneva, Illinois, will pick up the piano at their expense, provide the donor with an appraised value for tax purposes, will tune and provide any necessary repairs. They will then review their list of not-for-profit institutions who have expressed a need and deliver it to them free of charge, — services which can easily exceed $1000 per piano. They will even provide a donor plaque for the piano.

Within a month of the request, Cordogan’s Pianoland delivered a lovingly used and expertly repaired piano to ManorCare’s upstairs dining room. At the monthly Grace and Peace Chaplaincy worship service, Chaplain Lochner dedicated this beautiful used piano with walnut case as God’s special gift of music. Resident Dave Nichols acknowledged divine intervention and received this donation with a prayer of thanksgiving. Pianist Ruth Comfield exclaimed, “It’s beautiful, all the keys work, it’s in tune and has a warm, bright sound. It’s such a joy to play!”

ManorCare of Westmont, a medical and rehabilitation center on Ogden Avenue, Westmont, is one of nearly thirty residential senior homes which have been served by Grace and Peace Chaplaincy since 2005. Maria Diver, Activity Director, commented, “These women who truly care about others have provided non-denominational worship services and enhanced our program’s ability to meet spiritual needs of all residents.” Executive Administrator Lisa Ulm added, “The facility truly appreciates this generous gesture on the part of Grace and Peace Chaplaincy and Cordogan’s Pianoland. Music is a gift all our patients can enjoy.”


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