Cordogan’s downloadable player piano song library tops 4500 selections!

…And we couldn’t be any more proud! To this day, 9 years after we began our downloadable song library for customers, we are still the the only piano retailer to offer a service of this kind. If you are in the market for a or any sort of player piano…or even a CVP Series Yamaha Clavinova, you will instantly inherit a 4500 song library — worth thousands of dollars — for absolutely free, just for doing business with Cordogan’s!

And that’s not all. It keeps growing. Your membership is free and permanent too, so our online library is a great backup system for your CD’s, disks and USB thumb drives. If you ever lose them or they become damaged, all you have to do is log back in and re-download.

We also have “Listen & Learn” files, where you can download classical selections AND print out the listening guide so that you can learn the history of the piece you’re enjoying. It’s like stepping back into Music Appreciation 101, but this time, it’s not just for the credits! It can also be a great educational experience for the whole family. NO player piano manufacturer’s software library even offers this — only

Our player piano customers are from all over the country, much of which is due to our free exclusive software library AND our competitive pricing. Get a taste of it here!


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