The new Yamaha b1 piano

(Updated September 17th, 2012)

It has been many years since Yamaha has released a new upright piano model in the U.S. and we’ve all been waiting for years for Yamaha to finally bring the popular Yamaha b1 upright piano to the states.  The Yamaha b1 has been a hit in Europe and Japan for years and we finally received the first shipment of these pianos.  They not only didn’t disappoint, but they amazed our staff of pianists and teachers.

The Yamaha b1 piano is a 43″ continental console which in layman’s terms means it has no front legs, maintaining a sleek profile that is well suited for contemporary settings and traditional settings alike.  City folk will love it’s small footprint and narrow depth.  It’s only 58″ wide and 21″ deep, shaving several inches off the size of most pianos, which will help prevent clipping passersby in narrow city homes!

The relatively short 43″ height of the Yamaha b1 is deceiving because it doesn’t rest on the wheels that boost wheel-borne piano models up two inches.  This is most beneficial to those who want a small profile but big sound.  The lack of wheels also helps with the transmission of sound from the piano directly into hardwood floors, creating an even bigger sound.  Click here for more on the dramatic effects of hardwood floors on pianos.

The real value in the new Yamaha b1 console piano is the price — the Yamaha b1 has all the craftsmanship and performance you would expect from a Yamaha piano at an entry-level brand’s price.  For years, buyers in North America have been searching in vain for the perfect used Yamaha upright piano — spending countless hours hunting online and in stores, often times becoming more frustrated at not finding the right balance of price and comfort level.  Now there’s finally a choice — the choice to buy a new Yamaha piano at the price of a used Yamaha piano.  That means new warranty, no risk, no scratches, no problems and most of all the piece of mind in not having to compromise.

For tips on how to buy a used piano, click here.   For Frequently Asked Questions about buying a piano, click here.

The only thing we don’t like about the Yamaha b1 piano is that it’s going to hurt our used piano business!  :)

It’s official, a used Yamaha U1 piano is the most requested piano in the entire industry.

This is only news insomuch as it hasn’t been proclaimed in print as much as it has long been suspected, until now. A used Yamaha U1 piano is by far the most sought after used piano, representing 43% of all inquiries. Considering that the remaining 57% represents piano inquiries for the entire industry, spanning literally thousands of brand names and over 100 years’ worth of products, this is quite a testimony to the popularity of this particular model number. It begs the question, why?

Used Yamaha U1 professional upright piano

The most popular used piano

We should first qualify our claims about the used Yamaha U1 piano’s popularity. Our website,, fields as much as 50 inquiries a day from people all over the world seeking information about buying a piano. Because our site has more images of new & used pianos than any other retail piano website in the country, the inquiries we receive are very broad in nature. After a study of all the inquiries over the first three months of 2011, the votes are in.  The used Yamaha U1 is a powerhouse.

In all fairness to the rest of the industry, this isn’t much of a surprise for several reasons:

1) Yamaha has made the U1 for half of a century worldwide without changing the model. Very few manufacturers have models that have been around even a fraction of the time.

2) The Yamaha U1 does have an excellent reputation for being a terrific, durable, professional upright piano so it stands to reason that it is highly requested.

3) Yamaha’s competitor Kawai, changes models from time to time…and from country to country, so they don’t really have a chance to compete in this contest, even though a couple of Kawai’s taller, yet comparably priced used models (along with a used Yamaha U3) could eat a U1 for lunch.

4) Yamaha has made more U1 pianos than the total of all models produced by most piano manufacturers.

5) Many cultures ONLY request Yamaha U1’s, so with that sort of brand/product loyalty, the piano has tremendous presence.

It is important to remember, however, that not all used Yamaha U1 pianos do not weather time the same! This is why the price range for U1’s wildly varies in the lawless ways of the wild wild web. Also keep in mind that age doesn’t often have much to do with resale value. We recently had a 5 year old U1 that rightfully sold for less than half the price of one that was 40 years old due to how it was cared for. The cabinets both pianos looked great but the insides told a different story. Used Yamaha U1 and U3 pianos imported from Asia also have a very wide range of quality…and therefore price. There is a LOT to know about these pianos when simply shopping price on the internet so please feel free to contact us for more information. You can also Click here for Buying Tips that you will likely find to be most valuable if you’re looking for information on buying a used piano.

Cordogan’s tries to obtain as many used Yamaha U1 pianos and Yamaha U3 pianos as we can get but good ones are often difficult to find — especially ones that are in mint condition, so please check our used piano inventory or call 630.584.5000 to see what we currently have in stock.  Our prices not only represent the best value you’ll be able able to find anywhere in the U.S. but you can also have the security of buying from a 63 year old family business with a flawless reputation.

Does all of this talk of Yamaha U1’s mean YOU should want one? Not necessarily. It just means that it’s an easy product to research because it is widely popular on a global level and because it doesn’t have much competition given its long history and widespread popularity. There are definitely pianos that might be a better value for you, depending on your circumstances and use.

Also there are still plenty of issues to discuss if you should find yourself considering a used Yamaha U1 piano, so please contact us at 630.584.5000 for more information.